Published January 23, 2020 by Take on Race

Talk About Bias by Procter & Gamble

View the interactive website here

P&G’s Talk About Bias campaign, aspires to positively and accurately represent black and brown people in media and advertising. The interactive website and film raise awareness and invoke discussions about the bias that persists in America today.

In 2019, one of the world’s biggest luxury brands launched an $890 blackface sweater. After getting blasted on Twitter and being forced to remove its deeply offensive sweater from stores, Gucci then made the jaw-dropping statement that it didn’t know blackface images were racist. Procter & Gamble stepped up the company’s effort to use advertising as a force for good by launching campaigns that include a new commercial focused on racial bias, “The Look”, the second effort since it’s groundbreaking commercial titled “The Talk”, in 2017.

The Talk About Bias initiative encourages advertisers and marketers to push for more accurate and authentic portrayals of black and brown people in media imagery. The intent of P&G’s efforts is to leverage empathy as an antidote to bias--to change perspectives, prompt personal introspection, and bring people together for conversations to ultimately change hearts and minds.

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