Published March 17, 2020 by Take on Race

Take on Race Breakout Session Corporate Action on Racial Equity

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The 2019 Take on Race Conference brought together leaders in an open dialogue session to brainstorm how corporations can disrupt the typical impacts of racial inequity for people of color.

Charlotte Hawthorne, Director and Global Diversity and Inclusion at Eli Lilly led an open dialogue session at the 2019 Take on Race Conference. The purpose of this ‘group brainstorm’ was to discuss and collect information or ideas derived via “unrestrained and spontaneous participation in discussion.” The session sought to explore new ways for Corporate America to address race. This path brought together a wide range of viewpoints and generated a plethora of ideas. The session facilitated discussions about how to combine, improve, and/or implement the ideas.

The two high-potential ideas that emerged focused on A) developing a Home Ownership savings plan that can be a corporate option for employees (liken to flexible spending accounts), and B) Getting CEOs to personally address the lack of representation at leadership levels across their own organizations.

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