Published March 31, 2022 by Laylah Funk | Canned Spinach, Take on Race

Remote Learning Brings a Disadvantage to Underserved Communities—Here’s How Dell Technologies Is Helping

Technology continues to have profound impacts in the classroom, providing access to countless resources and serving as an adaptive method of learning for the minds of today’s students. Old-school teaching methods of physical textbooks, blackboards, and chalk are being thrown out and replaced with highly technical curricula—making access to technology and reliable networks a necessity for students everywhere.

This puts students living in underserved communities at a disadvantage that’s only amplified by the COVID-19 pandemic. Studies show that Black and Brown students across the nation are disproportionately affected by a lack of resources—whether it be access to the internet or a device to connect—making them more privy to falling behind in school when they have no option but to participate in remote learning.

In a pursuit to bridging digital inclusion and literacy, Dell Technologies partnered with the Take On Race Coalition as part of their “One Million Connected Devices Now!” program. With the help of Coalition Members and partners like Dell Technologies, the program aims to put one million devices with reliable internet connectivity into the hands of underserved students of color. If your community leaders or corporation is interested in reducing the digital divide and positively impacting students & families in low-income communities, click here to get connected.

As part of a month-long Giving Tuesday campaign, Dell Technologies contributed to Take On Race’s “One Million Connected Devices Now!” program by launching Dell Trade In and Give program—a collaboration that addresses two major problems: technology waste and technology accessibility. Dell Trade In encourages customers to trade in their old devices for credit towards a new one, while ensuring the old device is properly recycled. During the month of December 2021, Dell Technologies launched the Trade In and Give Program and donated a device to a student in the U.S. for every device that was traded in. 2,000 devices were donated to students in need in Baltimore and Austin areas through partnerships with local non-profits, Baltimore Digital Equity Coalition and E3 Alliance.

We recognize the importance of remaining engaged with the students even after the distribution of devices. Dell Technologies ensures that the students have all the services and information they need to effectively use their new devices—including a portfolio of online classes and programs like Girls Who Game: a program that develops STEM and leadership skills while having fun through gaming. Hands-on engagement like this is the first step not only in building relationships with the students in today’s classrooms, but in understanding where underserved schools stand in their journey toward digital and technical literacy. To learn more about Dell Technologies’ digital inclusion initiatives, click here.

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