Published February 27, 2020 by Take on Race

Advancing Black Pathways by JP Morgan Chase

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JPMorgan Chase’s Advancing Black Pathways initiative is designed to close the racial wealth gap by addressing three pathways to empowerment: wealth, education, and careers.

Economic opportunity is out of reach for many Black Americans, who lack access to resources that can help put them on a path to great careers, build wealth, grow a business, and participate in the benefits of a growing economy. Advancing Black Pathways combines JPMorgan Chase’s business and philanthropic resources to accelerate economic opportunity for Black Americans in three ways: 1) Strengthen Education and Job Training, 2) Growing Career Advancement, and 3) Building Wealth.

The vision for the Advancing Black Pathways initiative is to be “intentional” about programs meant to expand economic opportunities for Black people. The intent of the program is to marshal the resources of JPM Chase to help address some of the persistent challenges facing Black people.

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