The Executive Team

Barron Witherspoon, Sr.

Barron is Procter & Gamble's Senior Vice President for Global Industry Affairs & Corporate Race Initiative. As leader of the Corporate Race Initiative, Barron continues to build and grow Take on Race, a coalition to define how corporations can help improve racial equity in America. In Industry Affairs, he leads P&G’s external efforts to shape the consumer goods global agenda. Barron also serves as Chairman for INROADS National Board, Vice Chairman of Tuskegee University's Board of Trustees, and is a member of The Executive Leadership Council.

Previously, Barron served as Vice President of Global Operations for Strategic Revenue & Pricing Management, working across all business units to develop and implement top line growth strategies. He has also served as Vice President and General Manager for Procter & Gamble's Asia business, during which time he was responsible for all customer-facing operations in Southeast Asia, Australasia, India, Korea, and Japan. Based in Singapore, he led Procter & Gamble's business in a region spanning 13 time zones. Prior to this assignment, he led the company's global Paper Products business with Walmart, Procter & Gamble's largest customer.

Take on Race Coalition

Creating meaningful and lasting impact on racial equity in America takes industry-wide collaboration. ToR member companies commit to boldly tackling the institutional structures that fuel systemic disparities.